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February 16th, 2018

I heard sad news today. They’re shutting down Power Up Gaming here in Las Vegas, the site of our usually Wednesday weekly. I was disappointed to hear the news. This was one of the first places where I was truly accepted. I met all of the Power Up crew here, and Navi who has helped me a ton with my blog with practice, advice, and opportunities to experience some really amazing Smash events. I wish those guys all the best, and hope they open up another venue soon.

Gamenest was alive and well tonight, however. There were forty people at this weekly, with all sorts of new faces. Some  were semi-retired, some were out of state, most were regulars, but one thing is for sure…the weekly at Gamenest seems to be holding a steady number of contestants ranging form 30-40 every Friday.

I was immediately impressed with a couple guys who were previous PR players here in Las Vegas. It’s crazy to see how they can stop playing, pick up the game months or even a year later and still kick ass. Sure, they’re not at their old PR level, but they definitely can run through some tough players.

I was also impressed by both Shisy and Brosinex. Shisy because he’s proving to be a really good Diddy on the rise, and Brosinex by his easy going, philosophical nature. A few of us were watching the set between Shisy and Brosinex. Shisy took a game. Brosinex took a game. In game three,  Shisy was mashing and accidentally hit pause. Hitting pause in a match is grounds for making your opponent suicide or SD as a penalty. Shisy SDd and we thought Brosinex made him do it. We were a little shocked about it. After the match Brosinex came over and told us he didn’t make him SD. Shisy was just too low to recover. I was happy that Brosinex didn’t feel the need to make Shisy SD at this level of play at a weekly. Also, I was happy that Brosinex kept calm and cool about dropping a set. He didn’t get pissed, he didn’t rage, he didn’t feel the need to make Shisy SD, he just played and took back the set. Then when I was speaking with Shisy, he wasn’t bitter about losing or angry that someone had left the pause button on. He just stated he was too low to recover and SDd. There were no excuses or saltiness from either player. They were just two good players playing a hell of a set. And that’s terrific to see from such young players.

Despite the large crowd and some doubles, I managed to get in a ton of friendlies today. I worked with Mike again on a strategy going into each match. A simple rundown of three positive and three negative things of my opponent’s character. Sounds like a simple thing, but it will really highlight how little or how much you know if you can’t think of those six things right before a match. Crimson showed me a video that deals with how to analyze a match. Which is awesome. Some times it can be really difficult to break down your own matches. It’s easy to spot surface errors, but if your understanding is lacking than your analysis will be lacking too. I’ll add a link below.

Zerx, Pollo, and I did Lucina dittos for about an hour after we were knocked out of bracket. We all have a different style so it’s amazing to see how the same character is played so differently even amongst a small community. The three of us along with Carol are up to a top secret project that I’m hoping will help my game jump to the next level within the next month or two. More on this later.

One thing that I noted that both Zerx and Pollo shared, though, was their movement. Their movement is miles ahead of mine. I look slow and unsure. They string together combos and move around the stage easily, while I still feel like I’m getting my legs. This is something I’ve been actively working on, and you’ll note that I’m walking more to start. The next goal is to expand on this and develop my movement to something that is completely comfortable and without question. I don’t want to look at my character anymore. I want to solely focus on my opponent. That, along with my combo labbing should start to make my game improve.

On the night, I went 0-2, 0-2. First match was against Hijinx…another Ike player. I studied on the Ike matchup but still failed to capitalize on some weaknesses. I think I played better against Hijinx than I did against Lu Bu, but I still lost. I’m going to double down on this and make sure I can play this matchup better.

The next set was against JR…a Ryu player. He was one of those older players I spoke about earlier. Man, Ryu is tough. My experience with Ryu so far has been playing Brosinex in a handful of friendlies…and those matches were over in like 45 seconds to a minute. I didn’t really have any time to learn…despite Brosinex’s feedback. Then I played against Ty in friendlies today. He’s also a Ryu player who is known, but I haven’t seen him before. It was great to play him because I was able to ask questions and start trying to figure out some of the Ryu hit boxes and hurt boxes. It still wasn’t enough. Despite seeing a bit of rustiness in JR’s play, he easily beat me.

I will say one thing. Despite all the losing, my confidence is continuing to rise. I feel like I’m seeing small improvements. My goal is to string together these small improvements into one big improvement. Well, thanks for watching.

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Have a good one.


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