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January 26th, 2018

The return to locals did not go as planned. I was hoping to come back and start taking wins regularly. The feeling of winning at Genesis had me riding high…and winning, like anything that produces elation, is addicting.  I wanted that next win, and I wanted it bad.

I came back in to the local, expecting to perform solidly. I wanted to pool everything I had learned at Genesis into more victories…and I’m not talking placing top 8, either. I’m speaking about going 1-2, 1-2 and picking up a set victory once a week. I know my level, and I know that I have to set small goals.

Tonight was a beat down, however. Friendlies went pretty well. I got some great practice in with Shisy (a Diddy player) and Crimson (a MewTwo player) which was much needed. I have real issues with Diddy and MewTwo is just rarely played out her in Vegas.

But, as the bracket began, I got bodied. It was pure beatdown. It was as if they said, “oh, you went to Genesis and think you can come back and do well, eh? Well talk this beat down.” My two matches were over before they even begun.

I played Frawg again and he was on fire. He went on to take 3rd place on the night. He did give me a compliment though and said that I played better than a lot of other people tonight and that he saw improvement. That was good.

The next set was against Chu, and he said he would play both his main and secondary so I could get the full “Chu experience.” haha. I did too. He did an embarrassingly good spike on me with DK that left me reeling.

On a side note about Chu. He was telling me that he went 0-2 for about a year at tournaments. He didn’t have a Wii U or Smash so he had to rely on getting play time in at local Esport lounges or at friends’ houses. At GameNest, they had a Wii U in one of those arcade cabinets that’s a game of chance. One of those machines that lure you in with the chance at winning some exorbitant prize, but really only takes your money. Much like the lottery.  Chu, however, managed to win this thing. That’s when he said he really noticed improvement. He spent hours every day practicing, and he finally started winning and getting better.

It was something about the combination of getting bodied after Genesis and hearing Chu’s story that made me really examine how I’ve been practicing. I’ve been solely focusing on gameplay too much…and not even the right gameplay. Just generic practice with no intent. I started examining my practice and decided that I would change up everything.

I’m going to see how this works and hopefully incorporate combos, frame knowledge, matchups, with a greater understanding of how to play Lucina and see if I can start winning and start taking those small victories like I want.

In the meantime, I will battle through this disappointment and feelings of failure and use it to fuel my practice sessions. If you want to contribute ideas, methods, or strategies about how you practice, please leave a comment below or message me on Twitter.

You can check out my progress in Esports at, follow me on Twitter @SteveJShockey, and subscribe to my YouTube page called ShockSmash.

Thanks for watching.

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