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January 31st, 2018

Snoop dropped some knowledge on me last night. He said “Just because you’re not doing well doesn’t mean you’re not improving.” That’s a great piece of advice that applies to life in general, not just SmashBros or eSports.

The whole conversation was prompted by the events of the last tournament. I felt so bad after the beatdown on 1/26/18 that I decided to dedicate my efforts to studying and lobbing. So, after months of saying I was going slowdown my gameplay, I actually managed to do it. I started labbing jab combos, I started practicing playing out shield. From last Saturday to today, I spend four hours a day training…and I still lost.

Man, I have to tell you that that’s disheartening. That’s when Snoop gave me that advice. He also said as long as you know you’re improving, you just have to keep grinding. This advice made me ease up on myself. Despite my drive to get better and keep up with the Vegas locals, I have to remember to have fun.

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